Urushi is an organic sap that springs from the heart of the Urushi tree. Its final smoothness and delicacy contrasts with its resistance to heat, acids and water.This natural resin can be applied to just any surface, providing a full array of stunning textures, colors and decoration.
Ancient civilizations of the Far East Asia discovered Urushi and spread it along the Silk Road, becoming part of the Asian tradition. This culture evolved displaying sophisticated uses of Urushi which was integrated into more refined arts with extraordinary technique and originality. Today, contemporary artists explore with this material in their creations and it is still highly valued in Asia.
Every piece of Urushi art is unique. The creation of a single Urushi object can take even months to complete, requiring countless days of careful layering and strict drying times. After each layer, the surface is smoothed until all impurities are gone. Urushi adapts well to the demands of contemporary art as it combines precise craftwork, great doses of creativity and elegant beauty. Once you hold a piece of top quality lacquer you feel its distinction and unique charm.