The Crafts Center of the Valencian Community, under the Department of Innovation, Industry, Commerce, and Tourism, has presented its traditional Craftsmanship Awards aimed at encouraging artisanal creation, innovation, commitment to sustainable development, and creative excellence through adaptation to new market trends.

Artisanal jewelry is recognized in three awards:

The Artisan Woman Award, designed to acknowledge a business initiative led by a woman, has been granted to Elisabet Moreno Zapata, the creator of her own jewelry brand with a studio and workshop located in the Ruzafa neighborhood of Valencia. The jury has recognized her 16-year professional trajectory, deeply influenced by the aesthetics, symbology, and techniques of Japanese arts. In this edition, she was also a finalist in the Vanguard Award category.

The Image Award, which acknowledges the effort made to achieve a recognized artisanal brand image, goes to Candela Blasco Caño, the driving force behind ‘Candela en Rama.’ This is a design jewelry brand that aims to bring the Mediterranean spirit to the public. The jury has valued the brand’s visibility in the market and the use of digital marketing.

The New Talents Award, which distinguishes the viability of prototypes or projects proposed within the framework of universities and art and design schools, has been awarded to Pilar Viedma Gil de Vergara. The awardee has conceived ‘Marejada,’ a gallery-platform that aims to add value to the pieces of artisan jewelers.

On the other hand, the Valencian Community Craftsmanship Award, the highest category, goes to the company Mega Mobiliario S.L, founded in 1980 and dedicated to the artisanal manufacturing of 100% natural wood furniture of Valencian origin. The jury has valued the consistent, consolidated, and recognized trajectory of a company that, for these awards, has received the endorsement of the Valencia Chamber of Commerce, the Business Federation of Wood and Furniture of the Valencian Community, and the National Furniture Association.

The Tradition Award, aimed at recognizing artisanal works developed with criteria of originality and singularity, has been awarded to Irene Molina Pascual, a ceramist from Onda (Castellón), who has created a jar named ‘Verdenca.’ The piece has been crafted on the lathe, following traditional techniques, and consists of four parts differentiated by three lines in wavy relief made with the fingertips. Among other things, the jury has valued the technique and mastery in its elaboration.

The Vanguard Award, designed to honor works characterized by their high creative value, goes to Regina Degiorgis Jiménez, a textile artisan and artist from Pedreguer (Alicante). The awarded piece is called ‘Paths of Uncertainty’ and is a large textile sculpture that can be understood as a moving body. The jury has valued the adaptation and reinterpretation of a traditional design and the innovative use of materials.
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